A Quarter of an Hour

Katarzyna Kozyra2004/2004

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

The film titled A Quarter of an Hour is a work from the project In Art Dreams Come True, realized from 2003. The project comprises films, video-installations, performances as well as other activities in which the public participates, and is realized in various places of the globe (from Wroclaw and Warsaw up to Vienna, Trento and London). Katarzyna Kozyra, apart from being the film’s director, is always the project’s protagonist. She is accompanied by Maestro Grzegorz Pitułej – a teacher of opera singing, and by Gloria Viagra – a drag queen from Berlin, who in the film acts as a model and educator of true womanhood. Before our eyes the artist transforms – thanks to her own efforts and to her teachers’ exertions – into a person from her own dreams. Overcoming her limitations and shortcomings she becomes someone else: a celebrity, an opera diva or a transvestite in attractive attire, oozing with sex. Nonetheless, the lesson of transformation turns out to be both tiring and humorous: as a singer the artist howls mercilessly (and reminds us of the worst singer in the world – Florence Foster Jenkins), and as a sexy drag queen she still remains – considering her diminutive figure – rather a sparrow than a peacock of show business. [A. Markowska]

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