A Rake's Progress, Plate 7, The Prison Scene

William Hogarth1735

SCAD Museum of Art

SCAD Museum of Art

A Rake?s Progress, a series of eight etchings by English engraver and painter William Hogarth, was printed as social commentary for the 18th-century audience. The series focuses on the demise of Tom Rakewell, the heir of a prosperous merchant, who squanders his inheritance on an extravagant lifestyle. In the seventh scene of the series Rakewell has been sent to jail for his unpaid gambling debts. His new wife stands by displaying a furious expression on her face, clearly showing her displeasure with his mistakes. Rakewell suffers defeat as this time, there is no one to come to his rescue. The cold and heartless man is forced to come to terms with his fate.

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