A Ready Reckoner of Stitches Used in Kantha

Craft Revival Trust

Craft Revival Trust

The fundamental vocabulary of the Kantha is built on the basic Kantha phor, the running stitch that lends itself to innumerable variants. Variations within a stitch are created by introducing or removing spaces, lengthening and shortening stitches, adding a stitch and other creative approaches. The nomenclature used for stitches is self-explanatory – from the box-stitch, the ant-stitch, bend-stitch, mat-stitch and others. This embroidery vocabulary continues to be expanded with words that refer to everyday objects in the embroiderers surroundings.

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  • Title: A Ready Reckoner of Stitches Used in Kantha
  • Rights: Text and Photo from: 'Embroidering Futures - Repurposing the Kantha', edited by Ritu Sethi, published by India Foundation for the Arts, Bengaluru, India
  • Medium: Cotton

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