A Room with a View of the Sea

Ewa Pankiewicz1998/1998

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

The painting shows a narrowly framed interior of a room, in which – along the right margin of the canvas – one can see a silhouette of a woman, positioned against a cobalt blue wall. She is portrayed sideways, turned towards the central part of the image circle. The raised hands and the head of the woman remain unseen, as they have been “cut” by the upper edge of the frame. The intense red colour of her dress is the strongest colour accent in the painting, which is dominated by cold blue colours. The figure of the woman is the dominant feature in this composition, although a significant part of the picture is occupied by a blue dash – according to the suggestion expressed in the title of the picture, its purpose is to imitate the view of the sea behind the window. One can also observe an additional outline of a chair, barely sketched with just a few brush strokes, located in the bottom left corner of the picture. The convention of depicting applied in the picture is based on the use of schematically prepared and simplified forms, and a wide dash. The method of painterly depiction is characterised by the freedom of brush movements and by the use of the textural effects of impasto and abrasion. [N. Cieślak]

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