A set of duel pistols with a box

Franz Xaver Baadercirca 1850

Tallinn City Museum

Tallinn City Museum

The set has probably been made around the year 1850 in Munich by Master Franz Xaver Baader (1801–1864), who was the gunsmith of the Bavarian royal court from 1837. Baader was known as a gunsmith mostly because of his luxurious rifles. The pistols shown here were used in a duel in 1925, in Tartu, between two student fraternity members; one of them was injured in the knee. The one who fired the shot, a Baltic-German, fled to Germany, and the police confiscated the duel set. Later the set was purchased by Colonel Georg Leets, an avid arms collector.

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  • Title: A set of duel pistols with a box
  • Creator: Franz Xaver Baader
  • Date Created: circa 1850
  • Location Created: Munich, Germany
  • Type: weapon, pistol, gun
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