A tobacco pipe called “sabałówka”

The State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw

The State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw

Smoking pipes came to the Podhale region, like tobacco, from the southern part of the Tatra Mountains.Local highlanders quickly mastered the art of making them and the village of Ratułów became their production centre.
The tradition of pipe-making survived there until the second half of the 20th century. The most expensive and most ornamented pipes were called “parsywka” and were made from clay, fir wood and silver or brass plating. First the bowl was formed from clay and after firing metal plates were attached to it.Next wooden, arch-shaped shank with stem and bit were connected to the bowl.The bowl was capped with a convex valve plate, often adorned with a rooster figurine.The cap allowed the user smoking during rain.

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  • Title: A tobacco pipe called “sabałówka”
  • Type: folk costume
  • Photographer: Photo by: Edward Koprowski, Edit: Marzena Borman / SEM in Warsaw


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