A Variety of Badges From England

Emilia D. van Beugen, photographer1908/1914

Women's Suffrage Memorabilia

Women's Suffrage Memorabilia

English suffrage buttons, called “badges,” were, like their American counterparts, issued in various sizes and designs. Most contained reference to the organizations that produced them, such as the WSPU, the WFL, the NUWSS, and the CLWS, nearly all reflecting their official colors. A significant portion of English pins were made of enamel rather than of celluloid, perhaps reflecting a desire on the part of English women to wear something more jewelry like.

The WSPU was responsible for the chain link design, pictured here, which was copied by several American groups such as the Connecticut Woman Suffrage Association and the Just Government League. They also used images created by Sylvia Pankhurst, daughter of their founder, Emmeline Pankhurst, such as the trumpeter and the woman emerging from her prison house.

The English were less reluctant than their American sisters to display their current leaders on pins, as this example of a photograph of Emmeline Pankhurst indicates. The “No Vote, No Tax” badge of a ship that was designed by Mary Sargent Florence was one of the few English pieces to use a slogan other than “Votes For Women.” Several pro-suffrage men’s groups, such as the Men’s League for Women Suffrage, also issued pins.

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  • Title: A Variety of Badges From England
  • Creator: Emilia D. van Beugen, photographer
  • Date: 1908/1914