A visa issued by the Consul of Chile in France.

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem


  • Title: A visa issued by the Consul of Chile in France.
  • Subject Keywords: "She’erith Hapletah" , Postwar period , Rabbis , UNRRA - United Nations Relief & Rehabilitation Administration , Escapes , Forgeries , Visa , Orphanages
  • Photographer: Arthur Zegart
  • Origin: Moshe Goodman
  • Name of submitter: Moshe Goodman , Moshe Goodman, Hebrew University
  • Location: Bratislava,Czechoslovakia
  • Description: The album contains identifying photos of the Czech border guard in 1945, Jewish refugees from the Ukraine and from Poland, people in trains on their way to Vienna, to DP camps in Germany and to Eretz Israel; photographs of children at the orphanage in Bratislava, false entry visas to Chile, the visit of the Chief Rabbi of Israel to Prague, Torah scrolls from Poland, UNRRA members in Czechoslovakia.
  • Credit: Yad Vashem
  • Archival signature: 0
  • Album number: FA160/28 , FA160/0
  • Album Title: Photographs related to Jewish refugees in 1945 in Czechoslovakia and to the surviving remnant.


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