A Voyage to Terra Australis, Volume 2

Matthew Flinders1814

Australian National Maritime Museum

Australian National Maritime Museum

This is Volume II in 'A Voyage to Terra Australis' and was written by the British navigator Matthew Flinders. It recounts his exploration of the Australian coastline in command of HMS INVESTIGATOR in 1801-1803. Flinders circumnavigated Australia confirming it was one continent separated from the island of Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania). On his return voyage to England he was imprisoned by the French for seven years on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, during which time he compiled this two volume narrative and atlas. Flinders died on 19 July 1814 in London - the day his work was published.

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  • Title: A Voyage to Terra Australis, Volume 2
  • Creator: Matthew Flinders
  • Date: 1814
  • Location: London
  • Type: Book
  • Significance: This famous book represents Flinders' exploration and charting of Australia's coastline between 1801 and 1803. His work substantially increased the knowledge, detail and accuracy of cartographic maps depicting Australia, so much so that they were still being used well into the 20th century.
  • See institution's online collections: http://www.anmm.gov.au/collections
  • Medium: Ink on paper, leather
  • Dimensions: 55 x 325 x 260 mm, 2.85 kg
  • Credit line: ANMM Collection


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