A Wish of Fruits

Akinori OISHI2014

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

Japanese artist Akinori Oishi gets his artistic inspiration from things in everyday life. Through simple brush strokes, he is able to depict cheerful expressions that each has its own storyline. It is this cheerfulness he brings to the world that gives him the greatest happiness.

Every summer, Very Fun Park arrives punctually in Taipei's East District. Therefore the artist creates this cheerful “Ki-Chan” to land gracefully on a bed of nine different types of fruit: watermelon, banana, guava, melon, orange, apple, grapes, coconut, and papaya. This number nine signifies the ninth anniversary of Very Fun Park and the celebration of our nine sweet and successful exhibitions.Though it is easy to be caught up in this busy and bustling city, don't forget to enjoy the warmth and happiness that Very Fun Park has to bring.

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  • Title: A Wish of Fruits
  • Creator: Akinori OISHI
  • Date: 2014
  • Medium: Digital print-out
  • Location: Fubon Financial Center


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