"A word about tomorrow"

Jafarov Asef Ali Iskender oglu (1927-2000)1967/1967

Azerbaijan National Art Museum

Azerbaijan National Art Museum

Talking kholkoz workers have been depicted in the piece of art. On the left part of the composition, there is a young woman with meaningful eyes who is dressed in light coloured dress and scarf with buta ornaments on it. She holds a basket in her hand and her other hand is on her mouth. On the right part there are two girls and a man in a hat and striped shirt. The man talks with the woman who is in a flower patterned green dress and holds a basket in her hand. Her back is turned to spectators. Colors-blue, black, green, red.

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  • Title: "A word about tomorrow"
  • Creator: Jafarov Asef Ali Iskender oglu (1927-2000)
  • Date: 1967/1967
  • Location: Azerbaijan
  • Medium: Painting work /Linen, oil paint