Adoration of the Shepherds

Lucas Franchoys the Younger

Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp

Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp
Antwerpen, Belgium

Franchoys made various altarpieces for churches in Mechelen and was substantially influenced by Anthony van Dyck. He was the nephew of the sculptor Lucas Fayd’herbe. Franchoys painted this oil sketch in preparation for an altarpiece in the Church of the Recollects in Doornik. That work is dated 1650 and is currently in that town’s episcopal palace. Notable are the two female figures in grisaille who flank the scene and represent the theological virtues Caritas (Charity) and Fides (Faith). Apparently, the painter also produced the designs for the sculptures, pilasters and ornaments that were to frame his altarpiece.

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  • Title: Adoration of the Shepherds
  • Creator: Lucas Franchoys II
  • Location: (Mechelen 1616 – 1681)