Abraham Brahe (1669 – 1728)

David Richter, the Younger1696

Skokloster Castle

Skokloster Castle

Signed and dated David Richter fecit a : 1696. Abraham Brahe was the grandson of Carl Gustaf Wrangel and the owner of Skokloster Castle 1699-1728.

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  • Title: Abraham Brahe (1669 – 1728)
  • Date Created: 1696
  • artist: David Richter the Younger
  • Tags: Portrait, Baroque
  • Provenance: Abraham Brahe (1669-1728), Skokloster Castle 1728
  • Physical Dimensions: w600 x h820 mm (Without frame)
  • Artist info: At the age of fifteen David Richter entered the Goldsmiths Guild in Stockholm as an apprentice, a trade that had been in the Richter family for generations. It is not known when or under whom Richter studied painting but most likely he was a student of the Dutch artist Martin Mijtens for a period just after his goldsmith training had been completed. During the first years of the 18th century Richter travelled across Europe, mainly Italy, where he studied and worked as a miniaturist. He returned to Stockholm after 1710 where he continued his career as a miniaturist for the rest of his life. There are only a few larger paintings made by Richter, all of them are portraits and executed during the late 1690's. His style is Dutch-inspired, performed in an elegant manner with a special detail to faces.
  • Type: Oil on canvas