Acerca de la construccion de la verdadera torre de Babel

Carlos Garaicoa1996

Museum of Latin American Art

Museum of Latin American Art

ed. 5 + 1 A/P and ed. 10/15

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  • Title: Acerca de la construccion de la verdadera torre de Babel
  • Creator: Carlos Garaicoa
  • Date Created: 1996
  • Title translation: On the Construction of the Real Tower of Babel
  • Physical Dimensions: w24 x h20 in (C-print: 20 x 24 in. and Print: 27 x 19 in.)
  • About the Work: Carlos Garaicoa’s work focuses on how the history and the socio-political situation of Cuba become visible in its architecture. By creating installations, videos, or photographs, always within the context of Cuba, the artist explores the ironies of modern cities in ruins and the need for political commitment towards architecture, reinventing places and urban solutions through fiction. In the last three decades, the architecture in Cuba has turned into a nostalgic ruin due to the abandonment of urban projects after the fall of European socialism and the decline of the Cuban economy. This has left cities such as Havana in a dream-like time warp. Acerca de la Construcción de la Verdadera Torre de Babel, 1996, is not only a comment on ruins and utopia, but is also an example of the representation of landscape based in a real place with the incorporation of elements of the imagination. Garaicoa draws a critical but sentimental architectural solution next to the photograph of urban space in ruins in Havana, which is unfeasible and absurd.
  • Type: Photograph and Print
  • Rights: Gift of Geoffrey Beaumont
  • External Link: Museum of Latin American Art
  • Medium: C-print and print

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