Achivio Basquiat

Enzo Fiore2012/2012

Associazione Amici della Fondazione Hospice Seràgnoli Onlus

Associazione Amici della Fondazione Hospice Seràgnoli Onlus

A recurring theme in the work by Enzo Fiore is his series of portraits of public figures: actors, artists, and musicians, and his reproductions of famous paintings. All created on a large scale, they make up a truly authentic archive, not only of the images they represent, but above all of the materials he uses. The work donated to the Hospice is the portrait of the famous American artist “Basquiat” whose penetrating gaze is almost disturbing in its intensity. The three-dimensional effect of the materials creates a short-circuit between the extremely “classical” composition of the subject – its central position, the interest focussed on the face, the relationship between the figure and the background – and the portrait’s unique and unexpected materials. Basquiat, an artistic legend, is regenerated through nature, emerging in a new vital dimension within which, as the artist himself states, Enzo Fiore finds his inspiration for creating portraits of visionary reality.

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  • Title: Achivio Basquiat
  • Creator: Enzo Fiore
  • Date: 2012/2012
  • Physical Dimensions: w100 x h75 cm
  • Donor: Enzo Fiore / Galleria Contini – Venezia Cortina d’Ampezzo
  • Type: Picture
  • Rights: http://www.doutdo.it/copyright.html
  • Medium: Earth, roots, sand, epoxy resin on canvas


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