Action figure:Star Wars Power of the Force 2: Death Star Gunner


The Strong National Museum of Play

The Strong National Museum of Play

With no movies to drive toy sales, the Kenner toy company ceased production on the 3.75-inch Star Wars action figures in 1985. Production did not resume until ten years later when Hasbro (which had acquired Kenner in 1991) issued another line of figures called Power of the Force. Collectors call this series Power of the Force 2 to distinguish these figures from the POTF figures of 1984--1985. Collectors recognize POTF 2 figures by their exaggerated "buff" physiques and disproportionate features. With their oversized musculature, the figures could not even fit in the vehicles sold for play with them. The oddest figure was Princess Leia, who had large muscles in her legs and thighs, but, even worse, her poorly designed face looked more simian than royal. Star Wars enthusiasts took to calling her Monkey Face Leia. The POTF figures of the 1990s came with several variations easier to recognize if figures remain in their original packaging. Cards backs came with either red (1996) or green (1997) highlights, and figures had added features including a Freeze Frame or Flash Back Photo or Commtech chip. When the action figure with the chip was placed on a Commtech reader, it repeated dialogue from one of the Star Wars movies.

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  • Title: Action figure:Star Wars Power of the Force 2: Death Star Gunner
  • Creator: Kenner
  • Date Created: 1996
  • Location: China
  • Subject Keywords: Star Wars
  • Type: Action Figures and Character Toys
  • Rights: Lucasfilm, Ltd.
  • Medium: plastic
  • Object ID: 113.5587