Affiche référendum FIPOI sur l'avenir international de Genève



Genève, Suisse

Although the campaign in Geneva preceding the referendum on the creation of the FIPOI was in general taken very seriously, it was still possible to find some grounds for humour, as in this juxtaposition of posters seen in the city. FIPOI — Fondation des immeubles pour les organisations internationales — is a company owned jointly by the Canton of Geneva and the Swiss Confederation, set up specifically to provide rented accommodation for the international organizations in Geneva. Although approved by all the political parties and many other bodies, the proposal to create the Foundation was opposed by a group of citizens in the Canton who raised sufficient support for the measure to be submitted to public referendum. In the subsequent debate it was clear that the opposition to the FIPOI was much more a protest against the presence and probable growth in Geneva of the international organizations themselves, even if the ill-feeling over 'privileges' and other matters was not always soundly based on the facts. At the same time, however, many influential voices were raised in the defence of the organizations and there was clearly a good understanding of the prominent part they play in the life of Geneva. After a 36% poll (comparatively high for this kind of vote) the proposal to set up the Foundation was supported by 31 813 against 25 804


  • Titre: Affiche référendum FIPOI sur l'avenir international de Genève
  • Date de création: 1965-04
  • Support: Film
  • Internal Reference: Rubrique: Date Planche:4 65 De:211 A:
  • Comment: Album with images scanned from original photo negatives

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