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Alberto Melloni

Padiglione Italia Expo Milano 2015

Padiglione Italia Expo Milano 2015

Alberto Melloni - Food for Thought, Food for Souls
Site - specific installation
2015 - 180 x 280 x h 260 cm. Italian Pavilion, 4th floor hall. A book that combines images and texts, published by Skira
and the Touring Club Italiano, with 236 photos accompanied by
learned legends. It is the catalog of an imaginary pavilion, the
guide of the inner pavilion of what has fed and is feedinghuman
life. The route between images and words, made of stages
marked by the voices of italian research, culture and art as Haim
Baharier, Enzo Bianchi, Paolo Sorrentino, Riccardo Muti, Walter
Siti, Patrizia Valduga.
Things and words that have made us more human, because
they have feed the thought and the soul, no matter what each
meant by these terms. Not a canon but a sequence, just because
everyone remember their own one.
To expose the fine catalogue were created installations inspired
by a typical instrument of knowledge transmission –
the “Cathedrae” of humanistic age – on which you can sit and
browse the volume, to find a pause for reflection in which compose
yourown inner pavilion. The “Cathedrae”, designed by Alberto
Melloni and designed by the architect Carlos Pambianchi,
are unique and innovative works in their kind: conceived on the
model of the”Cathedrae” used by the great humanists of our
history, are made entirely with books (the Irnerio) or with a fabric
of monitor (the Munari).
The images and the words of the universal knowledge collected
in this volume have been mounted as a diptych and set
to music in some video sequences capable of being repetitively
transmitted on big monitors or projected onto the walls of the
streets and palaces of italian cities.
In addition, a website and an application accessible through
a QR code, related to the installations, will allow to participate
in the realization of a collective pavilion, offering to the users
the opportunity to upload images and texts on a specially built
online gallery.

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  • Title: Alberto Melloni - Food for Thought, Food for Souls Site
  • Creator: Alberto Melloni