Album of Four Seasons’ Landscape

Jeong SeonJoseon Dynasty, 1719

Horim Museum

Horim Museum

Gyeomjae Jeong Seon is known as an originator of the Jingyeong landscape painting style using Korea’s real landscape as materials. This album is an important work of Jeong Seon because they were painted in the process when he was learning the Southern School painting style. It also provides useful tips in observing the changes in Jeong Seon’s landscape painting styles. On the insides of the covers in the back and the front of the album, there is an epilogue by Lee Ha-gon, who was a close friend of Jeong Seon. This album has most of Jeong Seon’s paintings that originated from the landscape paintings of Huang Gongwang, who was one of the four greatest artists of the Yuan Dynasty of China at the time. At the end of the epilogue, it was written that the album was made in 1719, when Jeong Seon was 44 years old.

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  • Title: Album of Four Seasons’ Landscape
  • Creator: Jeong Seon
  • Date: Joseon Dynasty, 1719
  • Physical Dimensions: w30 x d53.3 cm
  • Provenance: Horim Museum
  • Type: Painting