Album of Huang Binhong’s Landscape

Huang Binhong1933/1933

Museum of Contemporary Art, China Art Academy

Museum of Contemporary Art, China Art Academy

The Album of Huang Binhong’s Landscape, Flower-and-Bird Painting (黄宾虹山水册页) is created in 1933, when Huang was invited by Shanghai Xinhua Art School to draw an album for them. At that time, Huang just began to learn outward from nature and the style just fell between the “White Binhong Style” and later “Black Binhong Style”. From one side of the album, the artist depicted a series of landscape in harmonious chaos, emptiness and unevenness with techniques of ink-breaking(破墨), ink-accumulation(积墨)and overnight ink(宿墨), implying the transition of his style. Huang placed reverse side with delightful elements of flower-and-birds painting and created them with techniques of Chinese bronze inscription.

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  • Title: Album of Huang Binhong’s Landscape
  • Creator: Huang Binhong
  • Date: 1933/1933
  • Provenance: Museum of Contemporary Art of CAA
  • Type: ink painting
  • Creator nationality: China
  • Creator gender: male