Alexander Hamilton to Francois, Marquis de Barbé-Marbois

Hamilton, Alexander (ca. 1757-1804)1780-10-12

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History


  • Title: Alexander Hamilton to Francois, Marquis de Barbé-Marbois
  • Creator: Hamilton, Alexander (ca. 1757-1804)
  • Date: 1780-10-12
  • Location: Preakness, New Jersey
  • Transcript: In my absence from Camp, the Commissary of Prisoners has no doubt informed you, that your Brothers were not at New York - I am sorry you were so long kept in suspense about an explanation which without a determined disposition to blunder ought to have been long since obtained - I find, my Dear Sir, on the experiment in several ways, that I cannot regularly procure the New York papers in exchange for those of Philadelphia - The only certain mode would be to send a weekly flag for the purpose, but the General apprehensive of popular jealousies, thinks it would inconvenient. - I shall with pleasure continue to forward them as often as they come into my hands; but I will not give you the trouble of sending regularly those of Philadelphia, as the object you have in view cannot be answered by it - We are again told of an embarkation on the point of sailing three days since. We have been so often [2] deceived that we are diffident of accounts of this kind; but the present come with a degree of emphasis, that entitle them to attention - No [inserted: particulars] The want of money makes us want every thing else - even [struck: alle] intelligence. I have received since my [struck: let] return several letters from you - I agree with you my Dear Sir that while we call to our friends for help, we ought to help ourselves; and I am mortified that we seem not to be in a disposition to do it - The late deliberations on our military affairs prove that we have not profitted by experience; - Still the same system of feebleness and temporary expedients. Misfortune may at last [struck: make illegible] enlighten us; but it may [inserted: come too late to do any thing more] [strikeout] than to make our "darkness visible" and discover to us "sights of woe" - I confess I view our affairs in a gloomy light - We hear there is to be a Congress of the neutral powers to meet at the hague this winter to mediate a peace - God send it - we want one. Permit me to repeat to you the assurances of my attachment. A Hamilton October 12th. 80 [address leaf] Mr. De Marbois Secretary of Embassy to his most Christian Majesty &c. &c. Philadelphia
  • GLC Number: GLC00012