Ali Shan

The 1947 Partition Archive

The 1947 Partition Archive

In 1947, Ali Shan saw his entire family killed by a mob that had surrounded their village. When they tried to kill him, the gunman, after firing many shots, missed him. He tried to run, but was caught by one of the mobsters, who took Mr. Ali Shani with him instead of killing him. The man handed him off to a Sikh family who raised him as their own son. Six months later, after he had converted to Sikhism, someone reported that a Muslim boy was living with them and the military came for him. Escaping the military presence, he ended up in a refugee camp in Lahore, where his uncles found him and took him in. Mr. Ali Shan's message for future generations is: “Respect each other’s religious beliefs, love every one and hate no one.”

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  • Title: Ali Shan
  • Location Created: Fremont, California, USA
  • Type: Video
  • Migrated To: Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan
  • Migrated From: Ranguwal, Punjab, India
  • Interviewer: Dr. Guneeta Singh Bhalla, Yasser Khan
  • Current Location: Fremont, California, USA
  • Camera Person: Dr. Guneeta Singh Bhalla, Yasser Khan
  • Birth Year: 1941