All green

Hannah Dunkelberg

Urban Art Now

Urban Art Now

How can we get more people interested in an environmentally friendly lifestyle?

Sometimes life in the big city can be quite exhausting. Too many people in too small a space, fighting battles on the streets with their cars during rush hour. Not to mention the air pollution this generates.
That’s what Elias and Pascal thought. While studying abroad in Asia, they realised that quick and user-friendly mobility has the potential to enormously improve quality of life. They were especially fascinated by the electric scooter in Beijing.
Back in Munich, Elias and Pascal, both born in 1989, founded “Unu Motors.” They wanted to use “Unu Motors” to change urban mobility and create the perfect city vehicle. A vehicle that looks good and everyone can afford. Their electric scooter comes pretty close to this goal.
Elias and Pascal are part of Generation25. The environment is important to them. For Generation25, the goal is no longer about driving a fabulous car. Traveling, mobility, moving forward – that’s what Elias, Pascal and their ambitious generation want anyway, but their progress must be sustainable.
The “Unu Motors” electric scooter is part of a movement driven by Generation25 that is actively committed to getting more people interested in living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. “The Unu E-Scooter is ultimately a green innovation that every student can afford, not just bankers,” writes Cijäi, 28, on #Deutschland25.
Generation25 knows that modern, sustainable, and conscientious living is possible. And this is how things have to be for the future.
Earth’s resources are finite. The determinedness shown by this generation with their demands is also evidenced by the comments submitted as part of the #Deutschland25 discussion. Instead of reading empty words, we’re seeing concrete answers to the grand question of “How?”
An environmentally friendly lifestyle, for example: riding your bike to work, driving an electric car, riding an electric scooter, or carpooling.
Marvin, 15: “We should address young people more because it’s primarily the younger generation that is interested in electric cars or e-scooters.”
Alesandra, 17: “Just leave your car behind once in a while and walk or ride a bike instead :)”
Max, 17: “More electric charging stations so we can go places in a more environmentally conscious way.”
Anika, 31: “Make cities more bike-friendly, set up safe & good bike paths, slow traffic down, space for parking facilities for bicycles in downtown areas.”
Generation25 has long understood that modern life must entail a certain degree of “rethinking” things. Environmental compatibility is not a hot trend; it’s a guiding principle for a secure future.
Cyprien, 30: “By explaining to people that all resources (i.e., from water to money) are LIMITED. Change, rethink!”
Lina, 23: “More investment in well-developed infrastructure that is also cost-effective so everyone can benefit.”
Technology is a foundation for progress. Tech-savvy Generation25 has the opportunity and the knowledge to permanently change the marketplace with their ideas. Technologically speaking, “Unu Motors” would not have been possible 25 years ago. But today both e-technologies and environmental awareness have come a long way. In the future we should be able to integrate environmentally friendly ideas into everyday life to the greatest possible extent, and make them accessible and available to everyone. Marie, 23, agrees: “By showing people how easy it is to integrate environmental awareness into everyday life.”
Ideas everyone can take advantage of in a new era – one in which “green” takes on a whole new meaning and finally becomes the standard.


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  • Title: All green
  • Creator: Hannah Dunkelberg
  • Type: Illustration