Amber piece with an inclusion (Tipulidae)


Lithuanian Art Museum

Lithuanian Art Museum

The modern exposition cases at the Amber Museum
have magnifying glass that reveals insects, arachnids, centipedes and molluscs
in all their finery. Even though the internal organs of the organisms that have
been trapped in these pieces of amber have usually already decayed, the
exterior of their structure has been preserved to the finest detail. Sometimes
viewers might be mistaken for thinking they are looking at live insects and not
50 million year old inclusions. This allows scientists to precisely desribe and
identify the organisms that were living in this period. Two-winged insects (Diptera)
make up the largest group of insects, over half of all the inclusions
discovered thus far.

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  • Title: Amber piece with an inclusion (Tipulidae)
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date: 1/1
  • original title: Gintaro gabaliukas su inkliuzu (ilgakojis uodas)
  • Physical Dimensions: w25 x h46 x d12 mm
  • Museum Collection: Palanga Museum of Amber
  • Provenance: Lithuanian Art Museum
  • Type: Amber
  • External Link: Lithuanian Art Museum
  • Medium: Amber