Amid Peachtrees in Bloom

Fernando Fader1915

Colección de Arte Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat

Colección de Arte Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat

In this work, the peach blossoms dominate the scene, and seem to protect the lovers like a natural canopy. The pinkish color of the blossoms and the patches of green grass raise the intensity of the palette with a great luminosity that would be difficult to duplicate. Many paintings from the artist’s period in Córdoba feature Laurencia Ochoa, the daughter of the prior owners of the property Fader purchased, and one of his favorite models. This work is one of the best examples of the integration of figures and landscape that Fader so masterfully achieved. The girl is being courted by a countryman on a plantation of peach trees in bloom. She is wearing a simple long dress dappled by the trees’ shadow, she carries a bucket in her right hand and in the other she holds a branch, while the man’s figure stands out due to the blue poncho.

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  • Title: Amid Peachtrees in Bloom
  • Creator: Fernando Fader
  • Date Created: 1915
  • Physical Dimensions: 136 x 146 cm


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