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School of Zanabazar

The Bogd Khaan Palace Museum

The Bogd Khaan Palace Museum

One of total 90 items offered to Bogd Jetsun Dampa Rinpoche was golden statue of Amitayus. As soon as all items were offered, huge feast would start as official opening of wrestling, archery and horse racing.
Amitayus is depicted in a state of serene meditation, has downcast eyes and arched eyebrows, wearing golden leaf earrings on his long pendulous earlobes, dressed with five kinds of Buddha ornaments, wearing a tiara of five Dhyani Buddhas, thin red lips, topknot blue hair, straight nose and fine-shaped body and an Urna sign on the forehead, smiling faintly, his left shoulder covered with khadak and sitting in a vajra posture on a double lotus base cast together with its body, holding a jar of medicine nectar of immortality in his hands gesturing in the lap.

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  • Title: Amitayus
  • Creator: School of Zanabazar


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