Amphibians go first

Jonas Lieberknecht2016

Frogs & Friends

Frogs & Friends

They watched the dinosaurs come and go. But now their populations are shrinking dramatically all over the world. Amphibian species are vanishing off the face of the earth. One of them is the beautiful golden toad. Its plight is representative of the threat facing an entire class of animals. The golden toad was a relatively slender toad, measuring about 5 cm. Their species had a very small range of less than 10 square kilometres in the extremely damp and cool cloud forest in the mountains of Costa Rica. The animals spent most of the year hidden away underground. They only emerged at the beginning of the rainy season, coming together to mate by small pools of water, where the females would deposit clutches of 200-400 eggs. The species presumably became extinct in 1989.

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  • Title: Amphibians go first
  • Creator: Jonas Lieberknecht
  • Date Created: 2016
  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Original Source: Frogs & Friends


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