Ampulla with a depiction of the Annunciation

Unknown6th century CE

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Souvenirs of the holy places, created especially for Christian pilgrims, captured the sites' inherent blessing (eulogia) and offered protection against all kinds of evils. Most popular were tokens of earth or clay formed from sacred soil and containers filled with oil from the lamps that burned at the holy places, water from the Jordan, or oil that had touched holy relics. The tokens and some of the containers were decorated with scenes from the lives of Jesus and the saints. Souvenirs were also available at holy sites outside the Land, visited by pilgrims en route. This flask, which depicts the scene in which Mary is informed of her pregnancy by the angel Gabriel, bears a Greek inscription from the New Testament: "Hail, O favored one, the Lord is with you" (Luke 1:28).

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  • Title: Ampulla with a depiction of the Annunciation
  • Creator: Unknown
  • Date Created: 6th century CE
  • Location: Provenance unknown
  • Type: Ampulla
  • Rights: Israel Antiquities Authority, Photo © The Israel Museum, Jerusalem / by Meidad Suchowolski
  • External Link: Israel Museum, Jerusalem
  • Medium: Pottery
  • Exhibition: Cradle of Christianity, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel, Spring 2000 - Winter 2001
  • Dimensions: H: 10 cm
  • Curator: Mevorah, David