An adventurous journey

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Joger2007

Staatliches Naturhistorisches Museum, 3Landesmuseen Braunschweig

Staatliches Naturhistorisches Museum, 3Landesmuseen Braunschweig

Between 2005 and 2008 a small group of scientists from the Natural History Museum of Brunswick undertook a total of four trips to the Republic of Niger in Western Africa. The group was led by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Joger and Dr. Ralf Kosma and their aim was to find dinosaur fossils and to extract them from the soil. The scientists had to deal with a number of adversities, like a rebellion, illnesses, lack of water and of course the burning heat; but finally some fossils were found and could be extracted. They turned out to be two completely new kinds of dinosaur. Thus the dig of the Braunschweig team became the first successful German dinosaur excavation dig in Africa in 100 years.

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  • Title: An adventurous journey
  • Creator: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Joger
  • Date Created: 2007
  • Location: Western Sahara
  • Location Created: Western Sahara
  • Original Language: Deutsch
  • Type: Image


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