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An elderly man and woman and a young woman.

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem


  • Title: An elderly man and woman and a young woman.
  • Subject Keywords: Women , Elderly , Prewar period , Religious garb
  • Origin: לא ידוע
  • Name of submitter: לא ידוע
  • Description: The names of the perished given by the unknown submitter: Yosef Malik, Frida Malik, Chava Polak and her two children, Ita Palton and her two children, Hersch Palton, David Palton and his three children, Samuel Polak and his three children, Chencha Polak and her son, Yitzchak Horen, Ellta Horen and her three children, Faiga Polak and her three children, Tova Lender, Berl Lender and his three children, Alon Gold, Rivka Gold and her three children, Mandia Wax, Leib Wax, Malka Wiesel and Yaakov Mendalovitz. The list is of family members of the submitter who all perished in the Holocaust. They were possibly from Romania.
  • Credit: Yad Vashem
  • Collection: Yad Vashem Photo Archive, Yad Vashem Photo Archive
  • Archival signature: 6617/2 , 6617
  • Album item no: 4207007
  • Album Title: A list of members of Polak, Malik, Platon, Horen, Lender, Gold, Wax, Wiesel and Mendelovitz families, of the family of the submitter (unknown), who perished in the Holocaust. Possibly from Romania.

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