An Indian Hackeree drawn by Guzarat Oxen

White Cocharne & Co.1812

Heritage Transport Museum

Heritage Transport Museum

Black & white engraving print titled ‘An Indian Hackeree, drawn by Guzerat Oxen, with the costume of different casts in Hindostan from a drawing by Baron de Montalembert in 1807 published by White, Cochrane & Co Fleet Street, 1 June 1812. Artist Name is James Forbes. Forbes described the 'Indian Hackeree' as 'a sort of chariot drawn by white oxen; it is seldom hung on springs, and consists of a conical dome, supported by four pillars covered with a broad cloth, and contains in front and on each side, to open at pleasure...'.

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  • Title: An Indian Hackeree drawn by Guzarat Oxen
  • Creator: White Cocharne & Co.
  • Date: 1812
  • Location: India
  • Physical Dimensions: Paper, 19cm x 21cm
  • Type: Lithograph


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