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An old Chevrolet Bus


Heritage Transport Museum

Heritage Transport Museum

Black and white photograph of old 1940 Chevrolet bus.

Chevrolet first came to India between 1918 and 1928. The fuel efficient and simple to run small four-cylinder Tourers were the first to be driven on Indian roads. The Nawabs of Hyderabad – the quintessential rich class of the time made the Tourer their official cars. Chevrolet, along with its parent company General Motors became the first automobile company to open an assembly plant in India in 1928. The first assembly plant was set up in Sewree with a main office in Bombay.

The coal gas was used to run the buses in 1940-1945 during 2nd world war, due to non-availability of petrol.

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  • Title: An old Chevrolet Bus
  • Date: 1940
  • Physical Dimensions: Paper, 34cm x 41cm
  • Type: Photograph
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