Honza Zamojski2013/2013

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

Centre of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu

The riddle which Honza Zamojski gives us with his Anarchy is supposed to bring the viewer visual and intellectual pleasure – as is usually the case in most of his works. This is why, with the use of the simple language he gives us, like in a crime novel, there are scattered traces and discontinued clues.
There are at least a few of them, as there are a few elements comprising the installation. So we have two ladders: the first one, wooden, is open ajar, the second one – smaller, metal – is supported on the rungs of the first ladder. The ensemble creates the letter “A” but we notice it quicker by the shadow cast on the wall rather than by the construction itself. A question springs to mind: “A” as the titular “anarchy” or “A” as an “artist”? For a new trail is brought about – an animation of a Pinocchio figure cast on the wall, comprised of a head, blinking eyes and, above all, of an elongating and shortening nose. What is important is that the head fits in ideally on the top of the “A” shadow which, in combination, gives us the impression of a person. A human being. An artist. [A. Dzierżyc-Horniak]

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