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Angora goats (source of mohair)

Liza Grobler2015

Social Fabric

Social Fabric

Mohair is a natural fibre with unique lustre and a fine texture that comes from the hair of the Angora goat. South Africa produces around 60% of the world’s mohair. Most of it leaves the country in “raw” form, i.e. fleece or tops. In other words, the designing and making of “finished” products – those found in shops – happens elsewhere in the world. The Social Fabric project tries to promote greater South African design using South African textiles such as mohair in order to build the industry - and thus jobs - based on the development of an innovation pipeline.

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  • Title: Angora goats (source of mohair)
  • Creator: Liza Grobler
  • Manufacturer: Angora goat farm in Eastern Cape province, South Africa
  • Date Created: 2015
  • Location Created: Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • Provenance: South Africa
  • Fashion Show: Social Fabric mohair part 1
  • Type: photograph
  • Photographer: Liza Grobler
  • Original Source: Social Fabric
  • Rights: Social Fabric


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