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The Strong National Museum of Play

Atari released the tank combat game Battlezone in 1980. Battlezone was a 3D vector graphics game that used first person perspective. Players view the landscape of 3D mountains and an active volcano through the cabinet's stationary periscope that emulates the interior of tank. Two joysticks allow players to maneuver their tanks around 3D shapes that act as both obstacles and cover. The objective of Battlezone is to destroy enemy tanks of assorted speeds, missiles, and the occasional flying saucer acting as targets for extra points. A radar screen at the top allows players to locate their enemies.
Battlezone acted as a model for future tank and other military combat games. Battlezone was so realistic that the U.S. Army asked Atari to design a version for military training. The result was Military Battlezone, which included a choice of guns, a rotating turret, realistic gravity, and a variety of both enemy and friendly tanks.

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  • Title: Arcade game:Battlezone
  • Date Created: 1980, 1980
  • Location: USA, USA
  • Subject Keywords: video game, electronic game, arcade game, video game, electronic game, arcade game
  • Type: Arcade Games, Arcade Games
  • Medium: plastic, metal, glass
  • Object ID: 109.17153, 109.17153

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