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After the success of the arcade game Tron, Midway released a sequel- Discs of Tron- in 1983. Like its predecessor, Discs of Tron is based on the 1982 hit film Tron. The film's antagonists- the Master Control Program and Sark- force rogue computer programs to play in a series of life-or-death games. Both of the arcade games are based on these gladiatorial games.
While the original Tron arcade game features a series of mini games, Discs of Tron has only one game. Discs of Tron is based on the movie scene in which the film's main protagonist, computer programmer Kevin Flynn, is forced to fight against a computer program in a deadly disc-throwing game. The mighty rebel computer program Tron defeats four elites in the game as well. In the arcade game, players must compete as Tron in the disc-throwing game. Tron and his opponent Sark stand on opposing ringed platforms. The objective of the game is to knock Sark off his platform by hitting him with discs.
The playing experience of Discs of Tron is enhanced by the environmental cabinet. By enclosing the upright cabinet, players are immersed in the colorful lights and surround sounds of the game. The digital world of tyrannical computer programs and computer warfare comes alive in Discs of Tron.

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  • Title: Arcade game:Discs of Tron
  • Date Created: 1983, 1983
  • Location: USA, USA
  • Subject Keywords: video game, electronic game, arcade game, video game, electronic game, arcade game
  • Type: Arcade Games, Arcade Games
  • Medium: plastic, metal, glass
  • Object ID: 109.1717, 109.1717

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