Archaeological excavation in the monumental center of Cástulo


Conjunto Arqueológico de Cástulo

Conjunto Arqueológico de Cástulo

Since 2011 the Research Project Forvm Castulo MMX has documented in the city center a large building that could have been destined to the imperial cult. Archaeological evidence shows the work of a building under construction that was intentionally demolished before completion and at the end of the first century AD, thus allowing hypothesize a destruction as a result of damnatio memoriae applied the emperor Domitian, assassinated in 96 AD.

So far we known an area of over 700 square meters in which are documented various rooms, four of them paved with mosaics of great quality, such as mosaic of Eros, over which the walls of stuccoed adobe were demolished, whose in situ conservation allows us to know that this was a room 3.8 meters high.

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  • Title: Archaeological excavation in the monumental center of Cástulo
  • Date Created: 82/96
  • Location: Archaeological Site of Cástulo, Linares (Jaén) - España
  • Provenance: Monumental area of Cástulo


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