Architectural Design Association of Nippon (ADAN). Installation view at Palazzo Bembo, 2016.

Photo: GAA Foundation

Time Space Existence - Biennale Architettura 2016

Time Space Existence - Biennale Architettura 2016

There and Now: the Japanese housing scene
In the context of the exhibition “Time, Space, Existence”, the Architectural Design Association of Nippon (ADAN) presents 10 recent housing projects from various cities across Japan, designed by architects at different stages of their careers.
The contemporary architecture of residential houses in Japan is often conceived of as being radical and unique from a Western perspective. Professional photos of brand-new houses flood magazines and the internet, yet there is little known about the context in which they are built. Taken immediately after completion, with tactically placed objects and perfect lighting, the purpose of these photos is to intentionally convey the architect's - or the photographer's - point-of-view.
Entitled “There and Now: the Japanese housing scene”, this installation presents an Unseen Japan - through a series of videos combined with architectural models.
The models comes in three scales; the 1:20 models display the unique design of the house, while the 1:100 models capture the relationship of the house within its adjacent context. The 1:500 models illustrate the architecture in the fabric of the city, and establish the social background in which these houses are situated. The videos depict how life is actually lived in these homes, from a natural and neutral perspective. As if they are live-streamed, the videos capture snippets of day-to-day existence, and focus on the story of the house after it has left the architect's hands. Together they reveal the full measure of the impact the architecture has on its inhabitants and on the surrounding environment.
It is through this focus on everyday human life that we seek to engage the viewer, asking them to connect, compare and perhaps intuitively relate to a home that may be on the other side of the world. Through an awareness of a parallel and concurrent life, our own existence is illuminated in a specific space and time.
Kentaro Takeguchi + Asako Yamamoto
SKYHOLE, Shiga, 2014.
Asei Suzuki
SHIRASU, Kagoshima, 2013
Ryuichi Ashizawa
Ma of Wind, Okinawa, 2011.
Shuhei Endo
Rooftecture OT2, Osaka, 2012.
Koichi Kani + Miyuki Ue
SOJA-O, Okayama, 2015.
Hiroya Kobiki + Noritaka Ishikawa
House in Minami-Asagaya, Tokyo, 2014.
Yusuke Koshima
Tabibito-an, Kyoto, 2014.
Satoshi Matsuoka + Yuki Tamura
House in Backyard, Ibaragi, 2015.
Kazuya Morita
Pentagonal House, Aichi, 2013.
Tetsuya Tatenami + Akito Yamaguchi + Yoshikazu Sugiura
House in Kanda-Awaji, Tokyo, 2015.

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  • Title: Architectural Design Association of Nippon (ADAN). Installation view at Palazzo Bembo, 2016.
  • Creator: Photo: GAA Foundation