Architectural ornaments

János Buch1911

Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest

Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest

The rectangular tiles are decorated on the front with highly protruding pattern against a plain, turquoise base: a thick zinnia flower heads among a dynamically curving, coiling, split ribbon motif. The blossoms are grouped in three triple and two double bunches. The green colour of the ribbons and the red petals created a shaded effect over the relief base, due to the transparent glazes. As far as it could be defined from the pollution, these elements were built in vertically on the front of a building, six elements in a row under each other, as a border decoration on the sides. It was listed under No. 4038 in the Zsolnay "Terracotta" book 14, in 1:5 measurements. It can be identified with drawing A. Drawing B, according to the remark, were the corner elements, placed above the curved window decorations marked with C. The coded price was given for meters, which means that these tiles were produced in large quantities and transported to Budapest. The place where the elements were used has not been identified yet.

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