Arco dei Gavi

Messedaglia Scientific High School

Fondazione Napoli Novantanove

Fondazione Napoli Novantanove

The motivation of the choice to adopt the Arco dei Gavi concerns the events related to the movement of the monument from the place of origin and subsequent reconstruction.
Originally the Arco dei Gavi had a position that was different from the current one. in fact it was placed in front of the castelvecchio clock tower, along the current corso cavour on whose pavement the original positions of the pillars are still visible today. it was dismantled in August of 1805 by Napoleonic occupation troops, who believed it could hinder the transit of military tanks as they entered the city. lovingly guarded by the Veronese for over a century it was reassembled in 1932 in the current location, a small square surrounded by trees on the right of the medieval castle of Castelvecchio.

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  • Title: Arco dei Gavi
  • Creator: Messedaglia Scientific High School
  • Location: Italy, Veneto, Verona