Arctium Lappa, Burdock

Elizabeth Wharton and Margaret Wharton1793/1811

Oak Spring Garden Foundation

Oak Spring Garden Foundation

The only record of the Wharton’s exists in genealogical histories and a singular article in an 1829 copy of The Gentleman’s Magazine in which Elizabeth’s obituary refers to her family and life. Margaret, on the other hand, has been lost in history. Yet their work lives on; the two sisters produced four volumes of botanical art, including grasses, plants, and seaweed. The work dates from 1792 until 1827. Elizabeth’s obituary reveals that they lived at Durham for a time, where they could have perused the Old Durham garden and specimens on the river. For the most part, it seems that Elizabeth created art, but Margaret contributed her work intermittently.

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  • Title: Arctium Lappa, Burdock
  • Creator: Elizabeth Wharton, Margaret Wharton
  • Date Created: 1793/1811