Aritmómetro electromecánico pequeño - Complet device

Torres Quevedo Museum

Torres Quevedo Museum

It belongs to a series of inventions called "alebraic machines" that sole mathematical equations. This is an analogic machine of calculation for solving mathematical equations of eight terms. The quantities are represented by physical volumes, such as rotatinos of certain shaft, electrical or electromagnetic values. The mathematical process is linked to an operative process of certain physical volumes, and the obtained physical result belongs to the desired mathematical result. So, the mathematical problem is solved through a physical model of the same one.

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  • Title: Aritmómetro electromecánico pequeño - Complet device
  • Provenance: Leonardo Torres Quevedo donation. Originating from the Laboratory of Automation in 1928.
  • Type: Mechanical device
  • Medium: Bronze, wood

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