Armenian woman

Styrian painter/Štajerski slikar

Pokrajinski muzej Ptuj- Ormož

Pokrajinski muzej Ptuj- Ormož

Armenian woman
Styrian painter, about 1682
Oil on canvas, 172 x 143 cm
Ptuj Ormož Regional Museum, G 262 s

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  • Title: Armenian woman
  • Creator: Styrian painter/Štajerski slikar
  • Location Created: Ptuj castle, Ptuj Ormož Regional Museum
  • Physical Dimensions: w143 x h172 cm
  • Long Description: "The depiction of the Armenian woman follows the fifth paper of Chappelle's "Recvel de divers portraits des principales dames de la porte dv Grand Tvrc...", titled underneath "Mehana Armeni", "Dame Armenienne". The painting of the Armenian woman differs only slightly from the graphic paper. The Armenian lady has a round face and red cheecks; her valuable national costume enriched with translucent veils, fabrics with richly decorated flower patterns and fur appears even more luxurious on the painting than on the graphic, especially in the depicted kerchief. First of all the painter has shown his skill in the depicition of veils, through which flesh colour, pattern of the trousers and sea waves are seen. The cold morning light is caught in the reflections of fluttering veils. In the background of both the graphic and the painting, on the left lies Rumeli Kavagi and on the right Anadolu Kavagi. The Armenian lady stands on the shore, behind her one can recognise both capes with a fortress, houses and a lighthouse and sailing ships on the right side with raising clouds, as depicted on the graphic." (dr. Polona Vidmar)
  • Provenance: Pokrajinski muzej Ptuj Ormož/Regional Museum Ptuj Ormož, Legacy of the Herberstein family, from Vurberk castle
  • Type: Oil on canvas