Armored boots

15th - 16th century

The National Museum of Mongolia

The National Museum of Mongolia

In 1953, Samdan a local museum staff member collected these soldier’s plated boots from Dashragcha - an old woman of Khangai sum, Arkhangai aimag. For generations the soldiers in Dashragcha’s family had worn the armored boots - the first man to use them was from seven generations before her. During the people’s government, Dashragcha distributed the plates from the boots to several local men who were conscripted into the military. The boots are made of calfskin, which was imported from central Asia, and quilted
textiles to make the sole. The boots
have high sides with ties, which
were connected to the
trouser belt.

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  • Title: Armored boots
  • Date: 15th - 16th century
  • Location: "Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia"