Art is tree

Fang Minto2011

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Art Foundation

While in Guilin, artist Fang Minto noticed quite a number of trees perished from failed adaptation after transplant, and thus began his project to “revive” the trees in the form of bonsai.
For Fang Minto, art communicates ideas and materials serve as carriers. He does not limit his creation to any type of medium and form. He incorporates the properties of the materials at hand into his work and minimizes the amount of artistic manipulation. The result is something that highlights the characteristics of the materials rather than the personality and traces of the artist.
Fang restores the shape of trees in his sculpture series of discarded camphor woods in order to demonstrate naturalistic quality and to convey the meaning of rebirth.

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  • Title: Art is tree
  • Creator: Fang Minto
  • Date: 2011
  • Medium: Camphor wood, iron, and spray paint
  • Location: Taipei Fubon Bank, Anhe Branch


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