Arthur Verona street house facade

Ion Mincu/Serban Sturdza1890/2013

Chamber of Architects in Romania

Chamber of Architects in Romania

The house has a high ground level with spacious openings both on Verona and Pitar Mos streets. The facades are in neoclassic style according to the study and reception spaces. The windows framing represents a special decorative element and a personal brand of Mincu in the same time, with an arch in the shape of an accolade in the upper side and a panel embedded with the owners` initials – I, E and M (Ion and Eliza Mincu). One must also notice the six angle star, a masonic symbol, and also the laurel branches as a symbol of god Apollo, the Delphic games, victory and fame.

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  • Title: Arthur Verona street house facade
  • Creator: Ion Mincu/Serban Sturdza
  • Date: 1890/2013
  • Location: Bucharest, Arthur Verona street no.19, code 010312


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