Athena Propylon

unknown188 BCE - 159 BCE

Pergamonmuseum, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Pergamonmuseum, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
Berlin, Germany

Because barely any of its foundation remains, the reconstruction of this two-story propylon is based mainly on an interpretation of the timberwork fragments found nearby. These suggest that the lower level was a four-columned prostyle portico in the Doric order. For its construction at the Pergamon Museum (ill. 9), a four-drum shaft of a portico column from the courtyard was used. The shafts of these portico columns were structured by twenty facets with worked edges and werkzoll and they had entasis. The columns of the propylon, on the other hand, most likely had fluting covering two-thirds of the column. A two-part anta capital belonging to the lower level indicates that the passageway was not developed as a portal, but rather consisted of a double column-pillar arrangement. The location of the passageway is indicated by the traces of ramps in front of the portico and in the temenos.

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  • Title: Athena Propylon
  • Creator: unknown
  • Date: 188 BCE - 159 BCE
  • Physical Dimensions: w9 x h12 x d3.5 m
  • Type: Monument
  • External Link: http://www.smb.museum/museen-und-einrichtungen/pergamonmuseum/home.html
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