Attending the Patient

Quirijn van Brekelenkam1667 - 1667

The Art Museum RIGA BOURSE

The Art Museum RIGA BOURSE

Van Brekelencam’s compositions usually include many people, each with their own individual character. In the painting the patient’s tired face is submissive, the physician’s serious demeanour – assessing, the servant girl is sympathetic and the expression of the boy is self-conscious. Here, as in many of van Brekelencam’s works, the grey background wall sets off the various brown tones to good effect. The paint, applied in several thin layers, makes the tone clear and transparent. The artist has painted with short and free brush strokes to create gentle changes in colour. Van Brekelencam has managed to create both the plasticity of the facial skin and the sense of warmth, the sparkle of the satin and glass as well as the smoothness of the table surface and the fluffiness of the fur.

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  • Title: Attending the Patient
  • Date: 1667 - 1667
  • Location Created: Holland
  • painter: Quiringh Gerritsz van Brekelenkam
  • Physical Dimensions: w52 x h40,2 cm (maximum width and height)
  • History: Acquired from the collection of Friedric Wilhelm Brederlo (1905).
  • Provenance: Collection of the Latvian National Museum of Art
  • Type: Painting
  • Rights: Latvian National Museum of Art
  • Medium: Oil on wood


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