Attic Red-Figure Kylix

Meidias Painterabout 410 B.C.

The J. Paul Getty Museum

The J. Paul Getty Museum

Peitho, the goddess of Persuasion, stands addressing a woman named Demonassa, who sits in a rocky landscape looking rather dejected. At the right, a small winged Eros, the god of love, places his hand on Demonassa's shoulder, which makes the subject of Persuasion's message clear. In Greek mythology, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, gave Demonassa to Phaon, a ferryman on the island of Lesbos, in return for a service he had done for the goddess.

This cup provides an unusually good example of the division of labor among different artists in an Athenian red-figure pottery workshop. The Meidias Painter, the head of the workshop, drew the interior decoration on this kylix. A second artist painted the exterior scenes of women conversing and adorning themselves. This second artist, who presumably worked in the shop of the Meidias Painter, was less skillful, or at least less careful, than the master. A third artist who specialized in painting ornament rather than figures probably painted the elaborate floral designs under the handles.

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  • Title: Attic Red-Figure Kylix
  • Creator: Interior attributed to Meidias Painter
  • Date: about 410 B.C.
  • Location Created: Athens, Greece
  • Physical Dimensions: 12.4 x 47.2 x 35.4 cm (4 7/8 x 18 9/16 x 13 15/16 in.)
  • External Link: Find out more about this object on the Museum website.
  • Medium: Terracotta
  • Source Credit Line: The J. Paul Getty Museum, Villa Collection, Malibu, California
  • Object Type: Cup
  • Object Status: Permanent Collection
  • Number: 82.AE.38
  • Inscription: On A and B, in relation to the seated figure: KALE Tondo: DEMONASSA
  • Display Location: Currently on view at: Getty Villa, Gallery 207, Women and Children in Antiquity
  • Department: Antiquities
  • Culture: Greek (Attic)
  • Classification: Vessels


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