Attire of De’ang Women in Luxi, Yunnan

Yunnan Provincial Museum

Yunnan Provincial Museum
Kunming, China

The attire and adornment of the De’ang ethnic group is uniquely distinctive. Women of Red De’ang and Flowery De’ang, two branches of the group, would usually shave their heads and then wrap with black cotton cloth, adorned with big earrings and silver necklaces. They like to wear short blue or black blouses with a vertical placket, flanked by two red stripes, and the lower bottom embellished with small pompons in red, green and yellow. Women from various branches of the De’ang ethnic group can be differentiated by the color of the horizontal stripes on their skirts.

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  • Title: Attire of De’ang Women in Luxi, Yunnan
  • Physical Location: In storage,Yunnan Provincial Museum
  • Location Created: Yunnan,China
  • Type: costume